Saturday, September 26, 2009

brazilian jiu jitsu

at the end of the summer i enrolled at Alliance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. today i finished my 6th class !!!! WOW, i'm sore!!! great thing about it is the class is sooooo tuff, i HAVE to work on my cardio and other aspects of my fitness in order to keep up. also in the hopes of increasing my # of classes per week. right now best i can do is 2 classes a week. in between i keep up my normal workouts for upper body ... but most of all i really need to improve my core lots of ab work, etc. i've thrown in some jogging (which i hate!!!!) but it's really helping my leg strength and cardio fitness.

this is the hardest atheletic thing i've ever attempted in my life. my knee hurts, my lower back is sore, oy i ache!!! but i'm hanging in there.

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