Wednesday, October 13, 2010

fedex...your worst nightmare....but

I ship a lot of art. all over the world...mostly never have a problem. but this summer after
the San Diego comic con, I shipped home 14 boxes....mostly art. This is incredibly stressful for me because some of these boxes are VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY valuable. and i had good reason for this stress * fedex lost 1 of the boxes. a gazilion $$$'s worth of art in it.

This happened at the very beginning of the summer trip with still nearly 1 month of travel ahead. i only had a master list, so i couldn't say exactly what was in the box. the people at fedex have a SHITTY system for finding lost packs. It turned out that when we finally started dealing with the "trace dept" that they weren't even in the same state of the warehouse with the lost boxes!!! all they had to go on were the Keywords to search from. we went around in circles until they told me, sorry...just make a claim!! after this Marcia wrote letters to ALL the most important people at fedex, and we were beginning to negotiate with the insurers. when they called and our package was FOUND !!!! the letters worked...because they re opened the investigation. 2 months after being shows up in Utah. ??? ohhhhhhhhh, where they auction lost packs!!!! BASTARDS !!!!! they told me on the phone that they wait more than a year before things go to auction houses.

Moral of this story: don't give up hope!!!


dries said...

A nightmare, luckily it turned out good!

David said...

Jeez, Scott, what a nightmare for sure. I just sent a collector a Frazetta sketch from the UK to US, via Royal Mail (they too havea shitty system, with tracking ONLY in the UK----I ask you, what point is that on a International Claim form. I basically got a standard 'Dear Customer' letter stating that there was nothing they could do----okay so what have I paid extra for added insurance then??? Luckily my story ended okay too---after the art languished in NY for a month, no explanation, it turned up. man, it really does put you off though----all the best for 2011 sir:)

David Hitchcock