Wednesday, April 21, 2010

lots of news...good and sad

the news i just got inspired me to voice my thoughts. first on the sad news: today i heard about the passing of a rap music legend. MC GURU of the group Gang Starr. someone i grew up listening to and have long had the deepest respect for the intelligence and power of his lyrics. his style was very unique, a smooth monotone voice with very witty and clever rhyming. Combined with the jazzy samples of DJ Premier they were easily one of my favorite rap bands of all time. and he will be missed as an artist. if there's an afterlife i know he's tearin shit up there!
i'm listening to Step in the Arena...

on to brighter news, my fears about missing my trip to italy are passing! seems the volcano with the ridiculously confusing spelling (to someone not from iceland) is chillin now! All the wonderful art is sorted and packed, and i'm VERY excited about this trip. i'm staying with my good friends Massimo & Marina in Roma, wonderful people, excellent hosts...i'm stoked! and then on to Napoli Comicon! you'll hear all about it.


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