Monday, December 28, 2009

meals, movies and milestones

I suspect by now you all realize that i LOVE to eat. well who doesn't? so it should never surprise you when i have something to say about it...
last nite's dinner (center cut rib steaks) bought from Grazin' Angus Acres at the Union Sq farmer's market was an amazing example of grass fed beef, raised to increase the fat content naturally (letting the cow live longer) and to also promote the development of Omega 3's (essential & healthy fatty acids). For those of you raised on corn fed beef (me included) the transition to grass fed isn't always easy. For 1 thing grass fed cows are always leaner (less marbling of fat), earthier in flavor (some would say a bit of "game" in them), and not always as tender. But in closer inspection and with the help of your purveyor you can find a great cut, with the proper amount of fat and end up with a very satisfying steak. leaner meat always requires an adjustment in cooking time (less time or lower heat). but i find that i can cook these steaks with almost the exact time. maybe the brushing of olive all slows down the cooking time? :-) the last word on grass fed: don't make up your mind on one try. pick carefully or let someone who REALLY knows pick for you!

movies: i saw a really enjoyable flick called Bottle Shock (2008). About the wines of Napa Vallery CA. before they were known to the world circa 1970's. I think anybody will enjoy this film, but if you're a wine lover or foodie it's irresistable.

milestones: a mini of sorts for me. i went to my first "open" class at my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school Alliance . in addition to the very rigorous 1 hour training we finished the class with a half hour of "rolling" (grappling). i had been quite cautious up this point, sticking with the beginner class (which often has advanced students) but doesn't involve rolling (just drilling and practicing). you learn at my age (46) it's easier to injure yourself and it takes longer to heal, so caution is the better part of valor, but i finally felt ready and it was quite an experience. in my first match i got submitted (i had to TAP out to quit the match) 2 x. that was the LONGEST 6 minutes i've ever experienced. Ignazio my opponent (an advanced white belt...should be a blue any time now) was quick and strong and flipped an arm bar on me when i got gassed. i learned a lot from this match, i was quite tense and a bit nervous before. arden and i had a good bout following that and it was quite close (i call it a draw!), and then i grappled with Yuko (black belt woman), i had to have at least 50 pounds on her! but wow is she fast, the only thing that prevented her submitting me was my strength, but she tossed me quite nice by planting her feet on my hips and flipping me over. Yuko reminded me to loosen up.
today, i'm nice and sore. but boy that hot shower felt good!!!


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