Thursday, June 25, 2009

2009 complete bastard awards!

with no reason at all i give you my 2009 COMPLETE BASTARD awards!!

1- city drivers who honk at you so they can speed to a red light. where they get to wait.
2- people who use seats for their bags on the subway.
3- ann coulter. just read what this cunt said about the murdered abortion doctor.
4- people who jump out of their plane seats and step in front of you so they can deplane first.
5- people who let their cel phones ring a little longer...cuz they just luv that ring, and they want u to hear it.
6- my old neighbor, even 2 years after moving away from this nut, he is still top 10 total complete bastard material.
7- reckless skiers
8- bars that charge $16 for a mediocre margarita
9- my brother evan, for ordering 2 of the above margaritas while i was treating
10- the cop who gave me a summons for riding my bike into washington square park.
11- the legal system that requires you to show up in court (july 10) for the above summons, instead of just paying the fine.
12- the parks dept. which did not have visible signs asking bikers to dismount.
13- the police officer who told me i could bike in washington square park a few years ago.
14- Bud Selig, the commissioner of baseball. when home run records were being broken and attendance, ratings, and profits were up...this scumbag smiled benevolently upon the roided out atheletes who made the owners rich. and now the stupid atheletes take the fall for succumbing to the pressure to perform. fuck you Bud Selig.
15- corn fed beef. do you have to taste sooooooooooooo fuckin great?
16- grass fed organic beef. what's up? hurry up and taste good so i can stop feeling guilty about loving corn fed beef.

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