Sunday, March 15, 2009

WonderCon S.F. and L.A. trip redux

maaaaaaaaaaan, that was a fun trip. the WonderCon was a great show. A lot of cool art and people and great vibes at the Moscone Ctr. We ate fabulously every nite, and my highlight has to be having a home cooked meal with my idol Spain Rodriguez making me his special sauce with pasta. !!! absolutely delicious and one of the finest evenings i've had. After that i headed down to L.A. to visit my kid bro Evan, and there i indulged in plenty of fine food, hikes in the Malibu Canyon, and good southern Cali weather. I was sorry when it ended. I also visited to private collections of comic art and that was fabulous as well. Several wonderful art treasures found their way home with me and now i'm back on the east coast dreaming about spring time.

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